Whether you're trail running or hiking light, Terra Outfitters has the gear you need! 




What to bring and how much of it is the golden question when going on a long hike or trail run. Our hydration packs and light hiking packs from Ultimate Direction and Marmot give you plenty of choices for storage capacity, liquid capacity, and different ways to carry all of your essentials! 

The SJ Ultra Vest 3.0, AK Mountain Vest, and PB Adventure Vest are hydration packs from Ultimate Direction, the leading company in lightweight hydration gear. All three packs were designed by ultrarunners with features specific to each of their needs. From soft water bottles located in the front of the packs, to different storage capacities and accessible pockets, each pack offers a unique take on gear storage and you're sure to find the one that fits your needs the best.

The Fastpack 20 and Fastpack 30 from Ultimate Direction give you the same quality gear without any unnecessary frills. The packs have huge storage capacity perfect for a long trek or a weekend away. The material is light and breathable for even the hottest of summer hikes, but the packs are structured to fit well on your back with a removable back support.

Ladies, you know sometimes the "unisex" gear doesn't fit some ladies quite right. Ultimate Direction makes some awesome women's specific packs, designed by Scott Jurek's wife, Jenny. The Ultra Vesta and Adventure Vesta are smaller than the men's vests and the straps are fully adjustable for the perfect fit for each of our unique shapes. 








Trekking poles have many benefits for hiking and fast-packing. Not only do poles help take the pressure off of your knees, legs, and feet, but they help with balance and stability on sometimes uneven trails. There are tons of different kinds of poles with various aspects that appeal to hikers for all different reasons. Aluminum poles are sturdy and stable, but weigh slightly more than their carbon counterparts. Some poles come in sizes, while others are one size and adjustable. Terra Outfitters carries trekking poles from Black Diamond and Komperdell.








The kind of shoes you need on the trails depends on how far you are going, how much weight you plan to carry, and what your specific needs are. Terra Outfitters carries a full line of trail running shoes that generally have water resistant uppers that are more breathable, and stiffer midsoles with hard, grippy rubber on the outsole. We also carry high quality hiking boots from Adidas Outdoor and Hoka One One. The hiking boots are water proof and a full hard rubber outsole for great grip on any trail. Let our trained staff help fit you for the right kind of running, trail running, or hiking shoe for you. We can take a look at your old shoes, watch you walk and look for over-pronantion, and scan you feet to see where you hold pressure in your feet.







It's important to be prepared with the right nutrition for any trail adventure you go on! Whether you prefer eating natural energy bars, or you like a shot of energy gel every once in a while, Terra Outfitters has the nutrition you are going to be craving! Energy gels should be taken every 45 minutes during activity and always with water. Energy chews have the consistently of a fruit snack, and can be taken every 15 minutes. Energy bars are great for people who prefer eating whole foods. Terra Outfitters carries organic and all natural energy bars from Clif Bar and Picky Bars. Drinking electrolytes is important for being active as well! Terra Outfitters carries nutrition drink mixes from Nuun and Gu Brew. Ask any of our active staff which nutrition they prefer for a more personal recommendation. 











Don't leave home without a map of the trail or area you plan to explore. Cell reception can be spotty and unreliable in the mountains, so don't plan to use the map on your phone. Your phone battery could also die or you could encounter harsh weather, so it's always safe to have a hard copy of a map of the area. Terra Outfitters carries maps from National Geographic, the Benton MacKaye Trail Association, Backroads Less Traveled, and the Wayward Traveler. If you plan to explore a trail, waterfall, or mountain in North Georgia, we will surely have a map for you! Chat with our local employees about our favorite trails and waterfalls in the area.